Best Baked Goods for Stores, Shops & Events in DC, MD & VA

Dolce Kitchen offers unique desserts from around the world, wrapped into an attractive presentation, and always with a great taste and affordable pricing.

We believe we offer the best store bought desserts that you can provide to your customers, something made with natural, easy to read ingredients that they will continue coming back for. Plus, we can also sell to you directly. Order desserts online through our store, or have Dolce Kitchen offer dessert catering for an upcoming event or celebration.


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Dessert Catering in DC

The Sweetness right at your door.

In addition to offering commercial and wholesale baked goods for grocery stores and restaurants in the DC area, Dolce Kitchen is available to discuss all of your party needs. We can provide our fresh baked desserts & treats in many different sizes and flavors for special events, and we also offer a variety of whole cakes, whole flans, tarts, and other specialties.

Discover What We Can Bake for You:
Wholesale & Commercial Baked Goods

We offer traditional Greek desserts, Peruvian desserts and other international baked goods from our online bakery shop. A few of our delicious specialties include Greek rice pudding, baklava, flan, tres leches and alfajores desserts. Our recipes have been passed down for generations and contain all natural, non-GMO, organic ingredients.

Your store, restaurant or shop will benefit from our commercial fresh baked desserts and treats, or, you can host a delicious private gathering, catered with a custom order from our bakery.